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Product Gallery Welch CRVpro 8 Direct Drive Pump - Catalog 3081-01 - Chemtech Scientific

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Welch CRVpro 8 Direct Drive Pump, Catalog 3081-01

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Welch CRVpro 8 Catalog 3081-01 Direct Drive Pump:

CRV Pro 4, 6 and 8 are the latest technology in rotary vane vacuum pumps, by Welch Vacuum. The newly designed vacuum pumps operate 10C degrees cooler than other direct drive oil sealed vacuum pumps, which means less reaction to the oil from contaminants and less oil consumption. The lower operating temperature keeps the oil more viscous, limiting oil mist from the exhaust.

The CRV Pro line of pumps have a PTFE lined oil case and black oxide coated module for increased chemical resistance. The larger oil capacity to pumping speed dilutes contaminants to keep better oil quality for longer intervals.

CRV Pro 8 Catalog# 3081-01

CRVpro brochure.pdf (chemtechscientific.com)

What's included 2 liters Welch Premium oil, Cat# 8995P-11, NW 16 inlet and exhaust fitting with 5/8” – 3/4” hose barb for intake and NW 16 hinged clamp with centering ring.
Common accessory, not included Exhaust filter cat# 1417E
Pumping Speed 5.6 CFM (158 l/min)
Max. Vacuum 0.001 Torr (1x10^-4 Torr LN2 Trapped)
Oil Capacity 1.15 liters
Tubing Needed 5/8” or 3/4” ID hose"(21 mm)
Exhaust / Intake  NW 16
Pump RPM 1740
Dimensions LxWxH inches 18.2" x 6.1" x 9.1”
Weight 48.5 lbs (21 kg)
Wiring 115V, 60 hz

The pump should be located preferably in a clean and well ventilated area and adequate space should be provided wherever possible for routine maintenance such as changes of oil. Above all, the pump should be located as closely as possible to its system in order to utilize it most efficiently. Its location should include such determining factors as the length and size of connections, the number of bends and the type of exhaust connections.

Welch CRVpro 8 Direct Drive Pump


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