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Preventive Maintenance and Safety Service

Chemtech Scientific Preventive Maintenance and Safety Services

To maximize your investment and produce repeatable high-quality process results, it is mandatory to institute a thorough pump preventative maintenance program. In a pump’s normal operating life, nearly all unexpected vacuum pump failures can be prevented, and when carefully maintained, a vacuum pump will provide years of reliable service. Chemtech Scientific’s comprehensive Preventive Maintenance/Safety contracts ensure manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures are being performed on your vacuum pumps.

Chemtech Scientific Preventive Maintenance/Safety Services  for Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps Include:

  • Change oil – Remove waste oil from vacuum pump and fill to pump oil fill line with clean fresh Chemtech Scientific grade 33 Premium Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Report on oil quality removed from vacuum pump (color graded on chart)
  • Vacuum system pressure check – Ensure vacuum pump is operating to specifications
  • Leak test system and equipment – Ensure application appliance, hose and connectors are leak tight and hazardous gasses are not entering workplace
  • Check hoses and connections – Check hoses are without cracks/leaks and connections are robust
  • Inspect for safety hazards and environmental safety – Check oil is not leaking, or misting into lab or coalescing to create slip hazard
  • Inspect any exhaust filters and or elements of vacuum pump exhaust to assure free path – Limit potential for hazardous back-pressure situation
  • Inspect belt (for belt driven pumps) – Confirm all belt driven pumps have appropriate belt guard secured and belt alignment is at ½” deflection in straight edge alignment
  • Check pump’s operating temperature – Check and document vacuum pump’s external temperature is in normal operating temperature range
  • Check pump current/amp draw – Test pump’s motor amp draw and confirm amp draw does not exceed specifications
  • Detailed report to customer with results of inspections/evaluations

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Mechanical vacuum pumps used in laboratories pose many hazards. There are mechanical hazards associated with the moving parts. There are chemical hazards of contaminating the pump oil with volatile substances and subsequently releasing them into the lab. There are also fire hazards when pumps malfunction or overheat and ignite nearby flammable or combustible materials and explosion hazards from restricted exhaust (back-pressure). Chemtech Scientific’s comprehensive Preventive Maintenance/Safety contracts minimize the risk of potential vacuum pump hazards.

Safety is viewed as a vital component of the laboratory safety program within an organization. It is to an organization’s benefit to provide ongoing safety activities that serve to promote a culture of safety. Chemtech Scientific’s comprehensive Preventive Maintenance/Safety contracts include comprehensive Laboratory Vacuum Safety Training to be included in your Laboratory Safety program. The Safety component of Chemtech Scientific’s comprehensive Preventive Maintenance/Safety contract has many benefits to an organization. The program also provides Lab Managers and Safety Officers detailed documentation of control measures used to protect employees from safety and health hazards in the workplace. Lab Managers will be in compliance of OSHA Guidelines of providing regular housekeeping inspections, including routine inspections of equipment.

Chemtech Scientific’s comprehensive Preventive Maintenance/Safety contract includes periodic reports of PM procedures and safety inspection for equipment that provide detailed documents as evidence of the organizations commitment to reliable, high quality process results and safety.

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