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Color: Red/Small

Quantity: 2

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Welch Vacuum has replaced this product line with the Welch CRVpro series. This pump is no longer in production. Please find the direct replacement for this vacuum pump here:  https://www.chemtechsci.com/products/welch-crv-pro8-catalog-3061-01-direct-drive-pump

The Welch CRVpro series is the latest innovation in the high vacuum, direct-driven vacuum space. Vacuum users can expect increased reliability and longer service live when compared to other direct drive pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps. Welch Direct Drive pump consumes up to 36% less oil than comparable pumps. Runs 10°C cooler than comparable pumps. This reduced the degradation of Direct drive vacuum pump oil, increasing the running time between service intervals. Has a 40% larger oil capacity than comparable pumps. Dilutes aggressive chemicals. Has a chemical resistant coating in the oil case and pump module.  Please contact us and let us assist you with the best vacuum pump selection.

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