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Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is used to separate solids from a liquid. The filtration occurs as a result of the pressure differential. Atmospheric pressure (1 Bar) presses on the liquids surface, while negative pressure (vacuum) pulls from beneath the filter. Vacuum pressure of 1/10 atmosphere (100 mbar or 76 Torr) pull liquids through filtration membranes at excellent rates.

Unless the feed liquid is very viscous, pressures above the vapor pressure of water ( < 18 Torr @ room temp) should be used. Two stage oil sealed vacuum pumps can not be used for most filtration processes and fail in filtration service. Please ask your Chemtech Scientific expert for assistance with pump selection.                                                

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1 to 2 funnels Up to 3 funnels Up to 4 funnels 1 to 3 funnels Up to 5 funnels Up to 6 funnels
WOB-L Vacuum Pumps - Standard Duty Filtration Dryfast Vacuum Pumps - Chemical Duty Filtration
WOB-L pumps will prematurely fail if exposed to chemistry vapors DryFast pumps will provide excellent performance in harsh chemistry service.
Select standard duty vacuum pumps for aqueous feed liquids. Select chemical duty vacuum pumps if feed liquids contain any amounts of organic solvent or acids.
Please contact your Chemtech Scientific expert for tubing runs longer than five feet for proper pumping speeds to compensate for conductance of tubing.



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