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Chemtech Scientific Vacuum Engineers, Chemists and Vacuum Pump Mechanics consider the following factors in selecting the perfect performing and lowest maintenance Short Path Distillation vacuum pumps:

  • Partial pressure of solvent/ material to be fractioned out of product
  • Ultimate pressure of vacuum pump
  • Latent heat of vaporization
  • Temperature of heat bath
  • Temperature of condenser or cold trap
  • Temperature of circulating bath
  • Volume of  distillation flask
  • Solvent expansion ratio
  • Pumping speed of vacuum pump
  • Chemical compatibility of product fractions and wetted parts of system and pump

Your process can be accomplished with a higher maintenance oil sealed rotary vane pump or a Dry, oil free PTFE Diaphragm pump. Your lab will enjoy many benefits when processing product with a clean, dry, Chemical Duty vacuum pump and eliminate oil changes and the risk of oil migrating to contaminate your product/samples. However, Dry high vacuum pumps are considerably higher cost. A mechanical oil sealed pump will also do the job.

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