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If pump runs intermittently, the motor thermal protector is cycling open and closed. Allow the motor to cool and identify the cause of the overload.

1- The primary cause of insufficient vacuum is due to system leaks. To confirm the vacuum pump is not generating sufficient vacuum, disconnect the pump from the application and test pump with a vacuum gauge. You can purchase a gauge here. Or,  contact Chemtech Scientific to evaluate your pump free of charge.

2- Tip Seal is Worn. A tip seal replacement should be carried out at anticipated intervals for critical processes, or when pump cannot achieve sufficient vacuum, due to tip seal wear. Contact Us for detailed do it yourself repair guides or for service.

3- Inlet strainer is blocked

4- Conductance of Tubing - System tubing is too long or narrow - Contact Us for system design and remedy.

5- Restriction or blockage in exhaust line

6- Contaminated/Dirty pump.

7- Gauge may be out of calibration.

8- Pump may be full of water or other liquids. Flush pump with dry air or nitrogen. Install trap.

If you cannot remedy your problem in-house, Contact Us for service

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