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House Vacuum and Networked Vacuum Projects

At Chemtech Scientific, we have the knowledge and experience to assist our customers to design the perfect House Vacuum System or Networked Vacuum System for their specific needs.

The key to designing the right vacuum system is understanding the specific needs of each operator at each vacuum port. The best vacuum system for a freeze dryer will fail attempting to operate vacuum filtration systems. Likewise, the best vacuum filtration vacuum system will not achieve freeze drying.

Our expertise is application specific vacuum, which allows us to understand the needs of each port in your vacuum system. Typical house and network vacuum serves general laboratory applications, such as filtration, aspiration and desiccation. However, we can also network distillation\evaporation units or vacuum ovens, to name a few.

Each vacuum port should be evaluated for it's flow needs, pressure needs and chemical compatibility. We also need to consider conductance of tubing for pumping speed needs.

Please contact Chemtech Scientific and describe your project. Our vacuum engineers will gladly assist you in designing any vacuum system. Whether you need to serve several, to hundreds of users, we will work with you to provide the optimum system to all users, for an excellent end user experience.

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