Degassing Complete Package

Degas polymers – Air entrapment is a common problem when materials, such as silicone, urethane and epoxy are mixed. The result of air entrapment is bubbles in the material, poor structure and unacceptable quality of the polymer. The entrapped air can be removed when the material is placed in a vacuum tight chamber and exposed to 29” Hg vacuum pressure.

It is important not to allow the vacuum pressure to get lower than 29” Hg. Deeper vacuum levels will boil the product, entrapping more air, creating more bubbles.

Avoid using oil sealed vacuum pumps to degas polymers. Oil sealed vacuum pumps create excessive oil mist at 29” Hg, backstream hydrocarbon oil into the chamber and contaminate the polymer. In addition, oil sealed vacuum pumps mist oil into the working environment and spray hydrocarbon oil contaminated with the polymer into the working space, creating a hazardous inhalation irritant and may cause irritant lung, eye and skin injury to process operators.

Chemtech Scientific offers a line of clean, dry vacuum pumps and chambers that operate in the perfect vacuum range for degassing polymers. The degassing packages are designed to provide years of maintenance free, trouble free operation. Chemtech Scientific’s complete degassing packages are sized perfectly for rapid degassing, while preserving the purity and structural integrity of the polymer.

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